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Sent Notification

In this section you will find a list with all the sent notification as a part of the monitoring process.Go to MyNubity and click on the bell icon, then the next screen wil be displayed an you will fiind the information about your integrations, specifically of the event history and its tracking.

After go to Sent Notifications the next screen will be displayed:

Here you will find and validate by date every single event that was notified. Every notification and where it was sent.

  • MESSAGE: The server and the Alert name.
  • USER: The person who received the notification.
  • TRANSPORT: The channel by which the notification was sent.
  • DATE: The date event ocurred.

To extra details about each notification you can go to Alert Information.

Click on the Alert name and the next three tabs will be displayed:

  • Trigger.
  • Event.
  • Sent Notifications.

In the Trigger tab you can find in detail the information about the Alert.

Specifically, this is the information you will find in Trigger:

  • Name: The Alert name.
  • Instance: Affected server.
  • Trigger Severity: The alert type according to the severity level.
  • Trigger Status: Alert status.
  • Last Event Duration: How long the alert lasted.

In the event tab you can find the description of the Alert:

  • Event Started: Date and time the Alert started.
  • Event Status: The Alert type.
  • Event Duration: How Long the Alert lasted.
  • Event Acknowledged: If the event is new or if it was previously generated.
  • Descriptions: Description of the Alert generated.
  • Previous Events: Record of the Alerts previously generated.

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