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In this section you can find the integrations configured in your infrastructure. Click on Integrations as shown in the image below:

Here you will find the integrations list as shown in the next screen:

Click on the filters tob bar for a more complex search. The filters has three sections with the following options:

  • By alert type: Critical, Warning, Information, Healthy.
  • By status type: Enabled, Disabled.
  • By provider: AWS, IBM Cloud, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.

To extra details here are the descriptions of the options that you will find in the integrations list.

  • Integration: Information about the Cloud provider.
  • Last status message:
  • Resources: Here you can see the number of instances of the integration.
  • Last sync: Date of the last synchronization.
  • Actions:

    • Edit integration: Select this option to edit the credentials of the integration.
    • Synchronize integration: Select this option to sync Nubity and the Cloud provider in real time.
    • Delete integration:Select this option if you want to delete the integration.

Click on Edit integration and the next screen will be displayed:

You can edit the information shown in the image above. Click on Update to save changes.

If you provider has added or deleted any instance you can sync up your account again at any time by click on Synchronize. If you do not perform this action manually, Nubity synchronizes every half hour.

If you add a new instance, Nubity will be update internally and the new instance will be add it to the Dashboard so it can be monitored and managed.


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