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Create Ticket

In this section we going to explain in detail how to create a ticket and also how to tracking them. First click on Support in the left side bar and the next screen will be displayed:

Here you will find a list with the tickets previously generated. In each ticket you will find the next data:

  • Ticket ID:Ticket identifier.
  • Subject: Ticket title.
  • Resource: Server involved.
  • Priority: High, medium or low.
  • Department: Support, sales or billing.
  • Type: Incident, service request or info request.
  • Date: Creation date.

At the top bar you will find a filters bar to search any type of ticket by the following categories:

  • By Status: Open, Closed, Resolved or In Progress.
  • By Priority: High, Medium or Low.
  • By department: Sales, Support or Billing.
  • By Type: Service Request or Incident.

Click on the option that you want to filter, then you will see a list with selected tickets. Click in the option again to cancel this process.

To create a new ticket click on Create New Ticket, then the next screen will be displayed:

To continue this process complete the next Data:

  • Type: Incident, service request or info request
  • Departament: Support, sales or billing.
  • Priority: High, medium or low.
  • Server: Server involved.
  • Subject: Ticket subject.
  • Users to copy: Nubity users that you want to notify about the ticket.
  • Emails to copy: If you want to notify one person who is not subscribed to Nubity put his email here.
  • Message: Incident or request description.

You also can attach different types of documents in the ticket. Click on the icon next to Send button, then choose a document of your PC.

After complete this information click on Send. Then our Support team will be notified and we going to process your request.

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